Friday, July 29, 2011

Week Two: Greasy Haired Girl and a Testimony of Jose Smith


Well, I've made it through one week of the MTC. Can you believe it? Crazy! It has been an awesome experience and I feel the spirit all the time. I am very happy here.

BLAKE!!!!! Greasy haired girl has been spotted! Oh My Heavens!!! I could not believe it when I saw it! I was soooo shocked! I was like, “wait a minute... that’s the girl Blake's blog is about!” It is my sad duty to inform you that her hair is still greasy! Blessed soul!

So, on Monday night there was a fire alarm at 2:30 am in my housing. I could have killed someone. I have been having troubles getting to sleep here and I am severely lacking sleep. It is all that blasted fire alarm’s fault. I was laying in bed and this loud noise blasted in my ear because I am on a bunk bed. It was awful! I cursed under my breath checked to see if I had clothes on and proceeded to find shoes so I could exit the building with the other women. I was so grumpy I could of bit a snake. GAHHHH!! It went on for an hour and finally someone came to shut it off. There was no fire.....just technical problems. PISHHHH!!! Then it happened again that day.

Curse the world.

I finally got my travel info. It looks like I will be heading to Alanta on August the 9th at 11:00 am and getting to Guatemala at like 9:00ish... So I am letting you know now that I will be calling either before I leave or in Atlanta in the evening have your phones prepared.
I am sad I missed the celebration but by the sound of it I guess I didn't miss too much. I did sing my San Luis Valley song in the shower with all my heart and dreamt of blue shadows in the San Luis Valley. I recalled families swaying to the song. He he he.

So, the Sundays here are amazing. I was so inspired! There is this video by Jeffery R. Holland that I think everybody about to go on a mission should watch. Its called “Missions are Forever” and it has changed my whole outlook on my mission. It is amazing! Look it up!

My companions and I work really well together. They think I am funny -- as do the elders in my district because I can do voices. They also all want me to draw pictures for them of this tree I have been drawing lately. While I was drawing it I thought of Blake and how he would say “Now, is that what a tree looks like, Channing?!”  I swear -- a Mrs. Robins in the making. Haha.

So Spanish is getting a little bit better. Ha!  Well kind of… My teachers still feel sorry for me and have to walk me through everything

Let me tell you this story!

So my companions and I are teaching this investigator named Christian. It has been be an awesome experience and I have learned a ton. I am not one to say much in these meetings we have with him because it is all in Spanish and he talks really fast and I only get a few words out. So, two days ago we were talking about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. At first the lesson was terrible and everything was going down hill. We were about to close but then the Spirit told me to say a testimony of the Jose Smith and the El Libro de Mormon.

I was like: “WHAT! Don't you know I can't speak espanol?! “ But it said I could do it. So I say, “Christian, I know this is all hard to understand, but I know that if you read and pray about it you will know it is true.” I said it all in Spanish and was crying my eyes out. The spirit hit everyone and Christian looked at me like he had been waiting to hear that. I was like, “Whoa, that was different.” Haha.  It was so cool.

In his prayer he asked Heavenly Father to help him know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph was a prophet. It was soooooo awesome!

When he was finished, I looked and my companions and I were all crying. He asked what was wrong and I looked and him and pointed to all of us and said, “CHICAS....” He laughed so hard. It was an awesome experience!

The MTC is a special place and I am enjoying every minute of it. I hope everyone is well and I encourage everyone to write on Dear Elder. Those letters make my day every time. Just know that I love you guys and that I am praying for your health and safety in Espanol every night! I love you all!

Hermana Channing Jackson

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week One: Rubia Loca!


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Holy moly, this place is wicked-crazy. I am so overwhelmed and my brain is totally fried. I cannot believe how much I have learned in a matter of days. It is so great here and I love every bit of it. Everyone is so nice and helpful here.

Spanish is wicked hard! Well at least for me because I can't speak, understand, or even read it. I am getting better. My teacher feels bad for me I can tell. He speaks Spanish during the whole class. So I have no idea what is going on. When I had to write my prayer down in Spanish he came over and looked at it and made suggestions in English because he knows I can't understand him. Poor man. Oh well, I just laugh it off. I moan “AYUDIMAE” in class and he laughs at me because I joke. It cracks me up. I am known as the Rubia Loca!  The crazy blonde. My teacher loves that as well.

Some people do not take well to joking here. One elder asked me why I was here and I sarcastically told him, “I got dumped.” He didn't say a word. I told him I was joking and he still didn't say a word. So, no more doing that. 

I have two companions. Both are frumpy, but I like them. They laugh at me. They don't shower that much which is so awkward for me because I shower everyday. I actually take the time to fix myself. They hardly wear any makeup and don't fix their hair. Blessed souls. As for me you know I get up and pile that makeup on and dress like a beauty queen. Bahaha. But they do help me with Spanish. They have both had a lot of experience with Spanish and one lived in Mexico. But they are patient with me and help me. One of them is very open with their body. She stripped down naked in front of my in my room. I was like: oh, well this isn't awkward… Pray for my soul, people -- pray for my soul. 

Funny story:

So we were meeting our branch presidency the other night and we all had to introduce ourselves. Well, it was a pretty full room and I was at the front and when it was my turn to stand up and say my name my dress started to come off! I grabbed it and looked down and it was stuck under the chair of my companion. I said very loudly,  “Oooh, almost showed my goods there....!  Everyone was laughing.....I was so embarrassed and I said  "Whewwwww almost lost my cool there. I swear one slip of the hand and I'd be off to dreamland."

Oh well, I laughed it off. My branch presidency has no idea what kind of person they got. Poor, poor lads.  

I see Brett quite often and Elder McDaniel. Love them! And it is good to practice Spanish with them.

So the men here are so beautiful -- I can hardly contain myself. I am like this caged lion that wants to break free, but I cannot. I swear if the MTC was a college and we were allowed to date and get married I would of enrolled in it years ago. Holy CRAP! My district and classmates are total hotties. I know this is bad to talk like this, but don't worry I look but don't touch. Terrible. Goodness. I have some funny elders in my district. Oh man, so random and just as lost as me.

I am sad to leave here on the 9th of August. But the other MTC will be just as good, I hope. My P-days are on Friday from now on, so look for my letters.

I am learning a lot and I am now praying in Spanish. I am loving the work I am doing and I can't wait to learn and do more.

I love you guys!!!

Hermana Channing Jackson