Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 10 - Tengo Gozo en mi Alma HOY! Porque Yo tengo Salud!‏


Well I am pretty sure Satan wants me to die on my mission. So last week was a horrible rainy week and my feet were hurting like mad. I had a blister on one of my feet and it popped during the storm we were walking in. Well, little did I know what that blister that popped, would do to my foot. On Wednesday my foot was soo red and swollen that I could not fit it in my shoes. I was like what is happening. I am in pain here!

I went to Hermana Robinson and she was like what is wrong with your foot! That's what I want to know. Well there is a doctor next door and he came and checked out my foot. He said I have an infection. I was like what!! So he gave me meds. He also gave me some cream that happened to cause a reaction that only 1.5% of people get. My foot felt like it was on fire and it was stinging! So yeah I was out for a couple of days. I was in my sick state when the President visited, so if you see some blog pictures where I look like death, know it was because of the meds.

Conference was good. I watched it in English at the Robinson's. President Monson was chipper. I couldn't even recoginize Robert D. Hales. Is he sick or what? Poor man...Two in the Chair now. Next thing you know we will have conference in the hospital. Geeezz.....

Oh and what, the 2nd Provo Temple!!! That is cool. I was truly inspired by David A. Bednars talk! The new youth family history site is legit! Look into it and do family history people! We've got people who are waiting on the other side. I've been trying to get the memebers here to do it. They are first generation members and their family history work needs to be done.

Brett! Panimanian Hats are legit! They are everywhere I was like ooooo snap I want one. I went to a world cup or something along those lines baseball game today. It was Cuba and Dominican Republic, it was pretty sweet. U.S.A was here the other day.

Well nothing much is happening because of my illness and my poor companion lost a memeber of her family this week, so that was sad. And she is super sick too. Who knows what is happening. The Devil I tell you.

Mom! I cannot believe you bought a card reader. I feel bad because just today I bought an all in one card reader for 5 bucks! Sooooo I don't know what to do about that.

For Christmas I have no idea what I want. Probably a portable hot shower. Because the rules of the package is that there can't be more than three items of food. Unless you wrap it like a christmas present. lol. You can decide.

Blake. Keep it classy.

Cambria way to be a part of the band!

Anywho nothing really happened this week! Love yah! Talk to you later! I miss you all but not enough to come home!

Hermana Channing Jackson

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