Wednesday, March 21, 2012

!Que VA!‏

Greetings from Panama City. I am currently in the Albrook Mall in Panama City with actually legit and nice computers. I am in worldly heaven. 

Sorry about the crappy email last week. The first one was awesome. Sighhhhh

Sounds like everyone is doing good. Spring Break sounded kinda fun lol. Don´t miss that. Spring Break was never fun and went by too fast. 

It is weird to think that Brett and I are doing the same things.Awkward lessons, lessons, getting fat lol, and all that GOOD STUFF.  The mission is the same everywhere I believe. Brett send some pictures! How is Blake doing by the way. I had a dream of him in an office twiddling his thumbs. What is his job exactly?

Yes everybody be wanting Peyton...because he is legit! Broncos...I can see it happening...but what about TeBow? I guess we will see what happens there..

So I am in Alcalde Diaz. Aka.The land of the Hills. These hills are pure evil. I am not kidding. I am so sore and my asthma is getting to me. huffing and puffing like a fatty who walked from his car to McDonalds in the parking lot. It is awful.  I have a name for this area and it isn`t really nice. Holy SANTO MONO DE Inferino. hehe. So they ripped me out of paradise and sent me to spirit prison basically. I was incredibly sad to leave David.  I did not want to go. And the members were sad to see me leave.  As well as my converts. I had to say good bye to them and I was sooo sad.  Because you never know if you will ever see these people again.  Maybe Maybe on Facebook but in person.... doubt it. I was heartbroken. If leaving an area kills me I don´t know how I am going to leave the mission.  It is hard. Too much love for people, areas, and the work  .Mission literally kills yah. 

Another random part about this area is that there are stairs.  Not normal stairs.  Like stairs that were in Darrell's Denver House stairs.  Steep horrible things. They remind me of the stairs on Lord of the Rings that Frodo and Sam went up with Goulum.  I have a horrible fear of them.  I have almost died. Horrible. I don´t know how the people go down to their houses.  Brave souls. But I might just might lose weight. Ha yeah right! With Rice and the mountains of food that these people give me. I doubt it. I am always rockin the rice gut! It is also hotter than hades.  I guess March is the worst of the heat here. The rain and floods should be coming soon.  I hope. 

So since I am still so new to the area I don´t know everyone and the areas. It is hard to go to certain places here because it is really dangerous. We can´t go down certain roads and we always have to go super far away for investigators and such. We have a few positives the only problem is, is getting them married. You wouldn't  believe the things you have to do here to get married.  Exams tests, a ton of money these people don´t wonder they are just living together. It is way easier!  So we are working with a couple and trying to get them married.  In the states all you do is sign a paper right?  I can´t remember . I´ve never been married. lol  But I have had a lot of spiritual experiences here.

 My comp is Hna Adair and she is awesome.  I lived with her in Santiago my first change. She is an amazing teacher and brings the spirit into the lessons like that. I was like whoa... She really teaches to the needs of the people and is an awesome example. I am learning lots from her and we are ready to bring some miracles into a branch that is falling apart. 

We have the weakest branch in all of panama. It is really hard to bring new people into a branch that is falling apart. Lots and lots of less actives. We´ve been looking for them and visiting families who have non members in their homes .So kids are members but their parents no. Crazy stuff.  It should be an interesting change. We are also teaching Kuna families. Kunas are the Indians here. They speak a little bit of Spanish but not too much.  I love their language and I am learning it right now in order to communicate with them. They have a Book of Mormon and everything for them. The kunas accept the gospel instantly because of a legend in their culture. They talk about how a white god came to them and taught them many things and said he would come back someday. They have been waiting for him. So when the Spanish arrived they thought they were gods. When the missionaries show them 3 Nephi 11 the people believe it to be Jesus Christ and bam Baptism! Crazy cool stuff.   Nadi is goodbye. 

Oh!  So I have the weirdest connections with people. My mission leader is James Mitchell's old companion.  My friend from Utah or Oregon I guess now that went on a mission to Honduras. I was like what the flip!  My mission leader was talking to James on facebook the other day and told me some stuff that James said. Hahaha.Tell him to write me a letter Mary!  Crazy connections all over the world. 

So 8 months this week. Wicked crazy how fast time goes by. I really love the mission and am enjoying the changes with in.  I am still the same in many ways but I have strengthened weakness and add a whole ton of spiritualness.  Well I love you guys and miss you a ton,but not enough to come home. Peace out! 
Hermana Channing Jackson

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