Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

It is Monday and it is finally raining. Gosh I have been dying in this heat. It sucks the life out of yah. Forget my dreams of living in Arizona. Loving it. I am heading to the beach today tooo wooooo! ENTONCES....

Ohhhhh my people of Colorado, Friends, Family. It is sooo goood to hear from you every week. It really keeps us going and your letters make me laugh out loud. 

Cambria you are crazy and how was the Lorax? Taylor Swift was the voice of someone right? I hate that book by the way. Can´t stand it. But it is up in my room I believe. It should be burned. It is the creeper that makes clothes. Geeewwwww.. 

Wow the Book of Mormon in a hundred days. Not bad. You guys can do it if you put your time into it! That's cool that the trek is there.

Kyle is going to love England. I am so jealous.

Crazy stuff in church news. What can you do? Gospel is perfect people are not. 

I need to write to everyone and thank people for the money. I finally got mail by the way! UNDERWEAR!!! WOOOOO I was sooo happy. 

This week was awesome. We worked our butts of and I was truly satisfied with the results of our hard labor. It may or may not be my last week in Doleguita David. I am really sad, but I have been here for 5 months soo I guess it is time to leave. My guess is that they will put me in the City. Boooo.. I really like the non city areas. But I will have great opportunities for photos and learning to speak faster Spanish and meeting different people. Oh my Spanish btw is way better. I understand 85 percent of the conversation. I decided to ask for the gift of understanding first and then after that ask for the gift of tongues. I also took a chill pill and that has seem to help alot. Everyone says my spanish is way better. Woooo

We went contacting in different areas this week. One was in a little town that I absolutely love. It is 45 minutes away from our house and we have to take a bus to get there. Its called Dolega. It is this cute little town with shops, a ton of houses, schools, and this old old old catholic church. It is a beautiful place. We met a lot of interesting people. We sang hymns and taught a ton of lessons. One man named Juan wanted us to join is choir and sing this Sunday. hahaha He was so excited and loved our song. He ran into his house and got is guitar and sang us a song about Jesus. Awkward for me. hahah but funny at the same time. Alot of old people this week too. They are sooo nice and always invite us in. They are lonely. We have a lot of new people to teach which I am excited for. We are getting the area prepared for the next change. I was laying there in my bed last night thinking well if anything I am leaving this area better than it was. We also have 6 baptisms at the end of this month. 

One of our investigators who is getting baptized is 62.  She is a different ole gal. She is a slow learner but has been attending church for months but in a different ward. So the elders referred us to her and we´ve been teaching her. She is really different. She writes random things in a notebook. Mumbles and then speaks. We say something and have to wait a couple of seconds for her to reply. But she is super smart. The other day we were teaching the word of wisdom in section 89 and my comp asked her if Satan has power over us? She got super quiet. Had this creepy look on her face and looked up at us and said yes. My heart jumped and then there was this loud BOOM SCRATCHY NOISE!!! Around the walls and on the roof. I was freaking out. She whispered. What is that with her eyes moving back and forth. I thought Satan was coming for me for sure. Turns out is was an iguana on the roof that fell from the tree. I about crapped my pants. hahah. Then she said she can overcome Satan or something like that. I was a little freaked out. But it was funny. My comp and I were laughing about it all week. 

O how I love missionary work. It is really an awesome experience and I love these people so much. I am going to miss them like crazy but I know I will see them all again someday. It is really hard to go into an area and get to know people, baptise people, and have all these friends and leave them like that! But I have email and facebook and I am planning on writing to my converts. They are pretty sad I am leaving. My heart is breaking. But I refuse to cry. Because crying won´t let me stay here. I´ll go where you want me to go dear Lord. Yo Te seguire! 

Well I love you guys alot. Miss yah but not enough to come home! 
Hermana Channing Jackson

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