Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week Six: Adventure in the City

Well, today I set out on my adventure of the City.

Guatemala City is soooo awesome. Its big, old looking, historical, and beautiful. You guys would love it. So much culture and beauty. Its so weird I see all this stuff and I know that I will most likely never see it again in my life. Kinda weird but its true. I went to this place called the Mapa en Relieve which was really cool, I am pretty much in Book of Mormon places. Maybe.... who really knows, but our guide says we are.

Then I went to Mercado Central which is this market. It is a huge market full of all kinds of neat and amazing things. I was in awe. People sure try to  get you to buy stuff but I can put on the non-missionary like face of mine and they back off pretty quick. There was a guy who was hitting on my companion and I was not having it. He wanted her email and she said she can only email her family. She was being ridiculous and kept talking to him. I said, "Lie to the little creep and lets get out of here." But he demanded an address from her so I gave him and said he will find missionaries on there to look into. Bawhahahaha. I swear some of these men are creepers. I bought a soccer jersey and a little tortuga thing because I want something to remember about Guatemala and plus I still have a ton of room. It was so much fun to converse in espanol and such. I sure enjoyed it. I love Quitzales here. Money is interesting.

After the market we went to Museo Miraflores. Which is a BC history museum. A lot of artifacts and such it was pretty legit. It was sooo cool until I ran into the snakes. So I booked it out there and went into hysterics of course. I did not see them coming.  The museum also had a mall next to it. Which is probably the biggest mall I have ever been in my entire life. It was huge! O my heavens it was amazing.

Blake, I want to see these pictures of yours. I know you will win and do great. Also happy Birthday you old fart. GOOD DAY!

I can't believe that in three weeks I will be out in Panama! I seriously can't wait. I am so excited. I hope my Spanish gets better. But who really knows. I met some Panamanians here and they are so beautiful. I was like blown away with how beautiful they are. They said it rains everyday and I will eat a ton of rice and chicken. Which I am totally fine with. I even got a referral from one of them. He told me to get his family baptized. So I will try to help with that.
I went to the Temple here in Guatemala. It is sooo sooo small and of course in Espanol which was quite cool. I am starting to see how important the Temple really is in our lives.
Every Sunday night we watch movies from the church. I watched Legacy the other day and bawled. I felt like an idiot but I have been thinking a lot about my ancestors and future generations a lot lately. It's weird how you can have so much love for people you haven't met in this life. We also talked about family history in relief society and I was all over that! I hope I have the opportunity to help families with family history someday. I really hope so.

I hope my letters are getting to people. Mail service is really iffy here. So if no one gets a letter I am sorry, but know that I am thinking about you.

My poor companion is sick with all kinds of things. I think it is the food. Our stomachs are no bueno that is for sure. But, hey, I will get use to it.

It has been raining like crazy here. I have never seen so much water in my life come from the sky. With in one minute you are completely soaked. It is sooo awesome I love it!  We go to teach all the time and we get caught in a rain storm. I love it!

Well I hope all is well. 

I miss you but not enough to come home! 

Love you take Care!

-Hermana Channing Jackson

Hermana and Elder Jackson:  MTC Provo

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