Thursday, December 29, 2011

Supe la fecha hoy‏

Feliz Navidad!

Well all went well. Great phone call. The only sad thing was that I didn't talk to Brett, we well have to wait for that one.

Release date for me is a year from today. Maybe they will let me come in time for Christmas.

Brett since I didn't talk to you I will write to you in my other almost native language.

Feliz Navidad y prospero Ano Nuevo! Yo espero lo mejor en toda lo que estas haciendo! Sea lo mejor! Seguir el espirtu con valor! Sacar la Basura! Producir su estres! Recordar que Blake era el mayor de los cuarto pero nosotros somos hermoso. Por Seguro! CARGO! FUEGO FUEGO!! Yo sempre acudire usted por su dirreccion. Lo mejor es orar! jajajajajaja. La decision de obedecer es nuestra, y la responsabilidad de actuar es suya!

Hope you are doing well my brother in Ecuador! Miss yah lots and I bought some aviators at a chino in remembrance of you. Ill send you some peanut butter sometime.

Well Not much this week! Love yah lots! Miss yah but not enough to come home!

Hermana Channing Jackson

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hermana Jackson The Apostasy Slayer!‏

Hola Everyone!

Well It sounds like everyone is doing good.

Blake is graduated. Wow. That's all kinds of Crazy. What now?

Brett. Be Smart or suffer the Fart.

Cambria you old woman you. We had a missionary party on the day of your birthday. It was a pretty sad day for me. I am finally realizing this is my first Christmas away from home. I guess I never thought about it. Hermana Wilkinson sang Ill be home for Christmas and I almost lost my cool. Anyway.

Mom I am glad your medical stuff went well.

I did celebrate Papa's birthday with a Coke and a Smile.

So we did in fact have cambios. I got a new Companion named Hermana Mendez. She is a beast of a woman. From Guatemala. No English and she 27 years old. I am like whoa. She is a really good teacher too. I like her. She isn't here to play patty cake. Hard working woman. Keeps the work going.

So I don't think I can do skype anymore. I was going to be able to when I was in Santiago at the Robinson's. But now I don't know where a computer place is located for skype. So I guess I will be calling. When exactly am I suppose to call. I am only one hour ahead of you guys. I think. My church is from 9 to 10 my time. So I can call at night or in the Afternoon. But it depends on Brett too. I have permission to call ahead of time and make sure we have a time set up. So yeah...That's what I will be doing. So be home when I call sometime this week and have a time set up! Hermana Ward said if all else fails you can call me. My number is 6378 0631.

Funny moment. So here in Panama they wrap their hot dogs in plastic. Well one night I was frying me up some hot dogs and I started to eat one. And I was like this is a really nasty hot dog. Its sooo hard and chewy. Well I kept eating it because I was starving and I had no food. Well, then Hermana Fannin told me. Omigosh I forgot to tell you they put plastic on them! I was like what the Fetch! I straight up ate plastic on a hot dog. When I told my cook and her family they died laughing. I was laughing too but good grief! I am sure it came out by now knowing my butt.

Not much happened this week because of changes and parties and stuff. We taught alot and contacted a lot of new people. It was nice to be working a full days work. I was like this is legit! My Spanish is indeed improving. I was like what up yah! I want to talk to Brett in Spanish and see if he and I can understand each other. Brett do you have a gringo accent or a legit one. Mine is kinda like a caveman grunting sound. Muahahaha JK.

It has been rough with some of our investigators. We have the ones who want to be baptized but the permission of the parents and the husband is stopping them. I don't know what do about it. I have to get one man divorced and married to his woman sooooo his wife can get baptized. And I have to ask the parents of Krish if he can get baptized. Jessica and Krish are my top notch people and am praying for a miracle this change.

Well not much to say this week. But I am writing everything I want to say on the phone and questions I have. I need details people! I also found out my release date. and it is really not that far off. I will tell you on the phone.

well love yah lots. Miss you but not enough to come home.

Hermana Channing Jackson.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I just had an apostrophe!‏ (???)

Sup slimshaddies!

Well greetings from sunny and blasted hot David Panama. I got sunburnt on my neck the other day. But I feel good knowing I am tan and you are all white. Muahahahaha.

I did get the packages. Where is the Christmas music? It goes through the same songs over and over. Shuffles the same songs and then I will randomly hear a new one. And of course it will play Mormon Tab over and over. Grrr I really dislike them.. I want Lost in the Wilderness to play already and august rush! And I was happy to see the nexium. Whoop whoop I cant wait to give out those Christmas things to the kids.

My foot is pretty messed up right now. Swells up alot. Its the top of my foot. I think it is a stress fracture. So I am doing. R.I.C,E. Should get better soon. Changes are this week and I have a feeling I will be apart of that. Since you know Ive been training myself since day one and pushing my companions to the point of no return. muahahaha. Move it waddle butt!


Happy Birthday to Cambria this Week! May your bowels be filled with Chicken. I sent her a letter a while ago. Hope it gets there!

So this week we did alot of divisions. I love those days because me and the other hermana work really hard.

Alot of cool teaching experiences this week. The usual questions I get is Why is the Sabbath Day on Sunday? Why don't women hold the priesthood (Because we´d be too awesome) and polygamy. Ohhhh what fun. I never think about those things. Kinda of interesting. It all comes back to Jesus people.

Here in Panama. Christmas is everywhere. Wrapping paper doors, lights and everything. It is great. It kinda feels like Christmas. Also every year they paint their houses before Christmas. Ugly colors too. Bright neon green...etc...O well what ever makes them happy.

Yesterday we had John Landau´s baptism. It was sooo good. And it is genius to do it on Sunday because members are there. His Wife Julia and his 1 year old son were there. I would send pictures but this computer is not letting me. But it was seriously amazing and they want to be sealed in Salt Lake next year. They have the money to do it too. So that is awesome.

There is a little girl here named Milagros who is just adorable. Little chunk of a girl about 4 years old and has beautiful hazel eyes. She loves to touch my hair and touch my face. I was like this is sooo interesting. I was sitting down and she was moving her hands across my face and just smiled. I thought she was going to say....O there you are P√ęter! It was a cool experience because they have never seen someone like me you know and we are just all Children of God....

So my companion locked the keys in the house this week and our neighbor was gone for mothers day( It is on the 8th here, huge parties, no success at teaching that day). So me and the Elders went with a hammer and chisel. There are bars on everything and iron gates before the door. We had a back door that was locked but you had to climb a fence to get to it. Well one Elder went over the fence and he wasn't doing it right. So I hiked up my skirt and climbed over the fence. This fence is taller than me and has these bars well the Elders were staring at me in shock and when I finally got over my skirt got caught. I was like whoaaaa there are going to be sooomeee Gssss showin in a minute. But I fixed it in time before I flashed everyone. hahhehe Well I got the door open. Everyone was like what the Hermana! Yes indeed....... I am not messing around.

Well not much to say this week. Just the usual teaching and preaching and studying my butt off. Love you all! Miss yah but not enough to come home!

Hermana Channing Jackson

Monday, December 5, 2011


Whoa whoa whoa! Good grief! What on earth is going on with everyone! I knew Ashley and Will wanted to start a family but I didn't know it would be this soon. A boy! omigosh I am going to cry! What a happy day.

Poor Father. I hope he is alright. I am glad to know that the dogs are still alive and kicking.

Hope Cambria is doing better. Basketball can be fun like Brett said if you make it fun. Laugh at the losses like I did. Hehehehehehe

Brett you non-sensitive man! Rejection like my love life. Good one! I find alot of things funny now because I am non sociable and only talk about the gospel. O No the weirdness is coming! Gahhhh!

Happy Birthday to Smokey. I wrote it in my planner. What an old fart. But alas we love him and he will always be with us.

Christmas devotional was pretty good. Didn't understand anything because it was in Spanish. I thought the movie they showed was creepy. The angels scared me. I was like omigosh what on earth. The Liahonas are all good this month. I am almost done with the general conference one. I was happy to read the priesthood session ones. They need to give us talks like that in general conference. Tell us what is up and to get worthy! I really liked the Great opportunity one. I thought it was excellent for missionaries and those preparing.

Mom you would be interested to know about this psycho man who is an ex Mormon who is starting up his own church here. He is an American and creepy. In one of our areas in David he watches the missionaries and after they teach someone he goes to those people and tries to draw them away. He is taking alot of Recent Converts. He has a website you should try to find it and tell me the info. His name is John. Creepy and he is trouble for our mission.

This week was alright. Alot of canceled appointments and rejections, but it had its good moments too.

I did divisions this week. I was sooo happy because I was the Leader of my area and I took Hermana Fannin around. I could finally decide what to do and how to do it. And my day was a success. Too bad my companion doesn't let me do stuff more often. My Spanish was amazing that day and I found an area full of Menos activos who haven't seen missionaries in 12 years! I was like what the fetch. Did everyone forget about them or what. I was talking to the bishop yesterday and he said who are these people. I slapped my hand over my head and said good grief people! Grrr frustration, but hey I will make it. I know that there are people out there needing saving! My favorite part of tracting and exploring the areas is just walking around and figuring out where you are at. I get alot of contacts this way. hehehe.

We have a baptism next week and changes. I don't think I am going. But you never know with this mission.

One of our lessons was really good this week. It was with Yajaria and she has been praying and reading like crazy to know if the Book of Mormon is true. She is always so happy when we meet. She says I feel good when you are all here. Your darn right! We gotsss some truth coming your way! At the end of the lesson we asked her to pray to know if it was true. Her prayer was sooo amazing and sad at the same time. She was begging for an answer. And in that moment I had never wanted somebody to know the truth that badly before. I was to the point of crying and begging with the Lord as well. She still didn't get her answer but we will keep trying.

This week also included a lot of creepy flirty men. Geeeoooo. One I call the pee bag man. We were contacting and this old man comes out with a hose connected to his you know what and holding his pee in a bag. I was like what on earth. My companion was sooo sympathetic and I was freaking out because I didn't know they had to do that stuff. And I was also gagging because I could see his bag fill up with pee. Gahh! He said to me oooo you are so beautiful I want you ...etc..... Not in a million years buddy. Then I met the gringo from virgina. Alone and single. Calls him self the guapogringo. Pfff he is about 50 or more. He asked me out on a date and I said no. Awkward! I'm like people! I am a representative of Jesus Christ! Would you flirt with Jesus? Think about it!

Personal revelation moment. Do you remember how dad always said he had four apples and one of them is rotten. We all know who he was talking about it. Lets face it. Yes I was a rotten child teenager and adult, But! Yes sometimes there are apples that have some rotten parts, but we have the ability to cut those parts out and be just as good as the other apples. So yeah. Awkward...Moving on!

No the packages haven't came mom. They will soon I am sure.

Well hope you are all doing well. Love yah! Miss yah but not enough to come home!