Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Joker....

hola! bienvenidos Día Santo! 


Good grief. Wind. Lent. Carnivals. Treks. Etc.... Madness I tell you Madness. 

Brett I can´t believe you are already Training. Good grief. I would rather die. 

Grandma Jackson is going to kill herself. Has she not learned that with out a cane slash walker she always falls and hurts herself.  Hope she gets better. Rhonda too! 

Well this week was really interesting. It started out really worse...and then it ended with a BANG! 

i´ll start with the bad lol. So Satan is evil. We all know it. He tried to bring us all down this week. Because it was the week of our baptisms. First my investigator Krish got in an accident and hurt his foot. He couldn´t go to the Ward camping trip and almost couldn´t go to his baptism. My other investigator, Patricia had something happen to her neck and had to go to the hospital to get a shot. And then Isabel lost her front teeth. And that just the people getting baptised. 

My companion and I on the other hand had quite a week of health problems as well. My comp hurt her foot and had a bloody nose all week with headaches and much more. Poor thing. 

So I tried dyeing my hair to the color of the roots. Turned grey. Not kidding straight up greyish green.The first words that came out of my mouth wasn´t hosanna. This was on Monday.Then  I had an inflamed nerve in my back which cause my smaller part of my back and my leg and foot to hurt and cause me to limp. So grey hair with a limp. Then i got a fever in the mouth. Really weird. It caused my lips to swell and burn the corners of my mouth. I looked in the mirror and I thought I look like the Bloody joker. Limp. Grey Hair and an extra smile. SICK!!! So I scrubbed the crap out of my hair with a bar of soap and other products. And I called upon the man upstairs and said, " I know this is really random but can you help me fix my hair and get it to a normal color?" God has a sense of humor so I am sure he laughed. Now my hair is blond. A really pretty color too. Miracles people. Gotta love them. 

Then my cook gave me a cow foot soup for lunch. It took everything in my power not to hurl. It's just the hair on the hoof that got to me and the fat. I usually like fat but I almost lost it. Geeewwww gotta love the food. Then the next day we had clams, lobster, shrimp, and more octopus. I really liked it. I happen to like Fish food. Didn´t know it.

So that was the majority of the  bad week. 

Then the baptisms! O my heavens these were by far my favorite baptisms thus far. The interviews for the baptisms went well and my district leader almost cried with Patricia. She is a very spiritual woman and is a true convert. She will do anything for people. It is really hard for her because her husband doesn´t believe in god and she can´t feel the spirit in her home when he is there. Sad business. 
O funny story before I tell you about the baptism. O blasphemy the caps button is broken. somebody fix this later. 

The other day we were visiting Patricia and she said she was ready to buy new clothes. We were like for what. So i can buy dresses to wear everyday. She thought that was a part of our religion to wear dresses everyday. She said well I never see you guys in pants. Good heavens no. We said it was just because we are missionaries We have to wear dresses. Poor thing. True faith right there. Almost got rid of all of her jeans for the gospel. somebody write to the church and tell them that we are setting a weird example for people because of the skirt thing. 

So the baptisms. It was a huge spiritual experience for me. I cried. Patricia and her daughter Isabel were so happy and smiling and their testimonies after their baptism was amazing. they are going to be awesome in the church. Then Krish´s testimony really got to me. Only his uncle and grandma are members. He has been going to church for months but had to get permission from the parents. He is 13 and he was so happy at his baptism. His parents and sister were there. At first they were really mean and not smiling or anything and really standoffish and out of place. After his baptism he got up. His awkward 13 year old self and shared his testimony for the first time. He said I am really really happy. This feeling is indescribable. I hope that my family, my supporters, will one day be baptized as well. He started to cry like everybody else in the room and said amen. The spirit was soo sooo sooo strong. iIlost it. Good grief it was beautiful. After the meeting the parents were so nice and giving out cake, smiling and shaking the hands of people. they had a change of heart. I know without a doubt in my mind that they will join someday. It was amazing. Gospel is true.

Well I love you guys so much. I love the mission and this time in my life and I encourage you all to make the best of your time right now. We only have this short amount of time here on the earth. So enjoy it and do all that you can to be better. Miss yah! But not enough to come home!

p.s. I am making WWBS? bands. It stands for What Would Blake Say? It makes my day with every situation. Genius. I see a fat person at McDonalds. "you know what burns me up' Fat people at the MACDonalds"  hahahaha cracks me up. think about it Blake. You´d make money! 
Hermana Channing Jackson

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