Friday, March 30, 2012

Holy Jumping Lizards Batman!

Holy Cow!
First of all PEYTON IS A BRONCO!!!!! HOLY CRAP! I KNEW all my crap talking would bite me in the butt. Now I am a bronco fan! KINDA OF FREAKING OUT BUT HOLY MOLY!!! HEHEHEHE Get me the new jersey please and a ticket to a game when I come back! GOOOD HEAVENS! MY HOME STATE! BEAUTIFUL! But I am sad about Tebow. Should be an interesting year eh!
Brett, good grief man. Hope you are doing better. You need to take care of your head. You gots big brains in there. Those dreams are beyond crazy cool. I´ve had some weird ones myself. It is the heat I tell you. 
Whoa Ashley only has two weeks of the real world until she enters into Thailand. I will be looking for her on the screen and try not to cry! How cool.
I hope Grandma Jackson starts feeling better poor women. She needs to take care of herself.
I am excited for Conference this week as well. Favorite time of the year but I have to wait till the magazine comes out to read the priesthood session. Best ones! It should be a good one! Go with questions in your heart!
Well this week has been a difficult one but at the same time interesting.
First Hna. Wilkinson who was my first companion with Hna Hurst left home today due to foot problems and not being able to walk. I was pretty sad. We are really close. But we are going to be writing to each other so that is good. Foot problems are not fun at all.
There is a new mission rule in Central America and maybe the rest of the mission. If there are not less actives or investigadors at church we have to leave right after the sacrament and go look for the people and bring them to church. It is pretty difficult. We have been working hard by inviting people to come to church and asking to pass by for them and everything. Some people just don´t care. This is one of the weakest branches in Panama. President Ward has given the task of fixing and stregthening the branch.  A lot of people don´t have callings.  We don´t have a quorum president. So it has been rough. Ward Council was yesterday, it was the first time in my mission we´ve had a ward council, and I felt like I was in a political debate. But all of the people had really good points and I am hoping with the help of the district we can get this place going again. We just all have to work together.
We have one baptism coming up. Josue Sanchez. He is 12 years old and lives with his less active grandma.Who is less active because her husband left her for a another younger woman and they both go to church. Even though he is still married to the grandma. Adultery. Trashy.  I feel really bad for her. I told her to go to another Ward because she knows it is true but doesn´t want to be around her husband and his woman in the same ward. She doesn´t know how to get a temple divorce or a legal divorce. I don´t know how any of that works. But good heavens. Trashy and really really sad. It has been so hard trying to find new people to teach and who want to hear the gospel and change their lives. People like Traditions. But out off all the people I know there are some who are ready. Just have to keep the faith and hope.
We had A Central American Area Conference on broadcast on Sunday and it was soo good. I got to watch it in English. Two people from the 70 spoke and Elder Boyd K. Packer.    Sister Dibbs.....bless her heart. I was giggling through the whole thing.  I can´t get that rolls thing out of my head.  Mmmmhh fresh rolls.  hehe. She gave a talk on virtue. We seem to be getting a lot of those.  Elder Boyd K. Packer . He is getting older and older by the day. But his talk was amazing. He talked about when he went to the first stake in Central America and remembers seeing a little boy trying to steal the sacrament bread. He picked up the little boy and sat him on his lap and gave him some bread. A man told Elder Packer. ¨You are holding a Nation¨ He didn´t understand what that meant until now. The church is growing in Central and South America. He says he still looks for the boy/ man. It was a really good talk.
The rain is starting up here. I am so excited because it is beyond hot here and I need some cooling down. O kinda like being near Panama City.  More rain and a little cooler.  Also there are all kinds of fun things to do on P-Day.  I went to a sailboat dock the other day and looked across and saw all the city of Panama.  It is sooo cool.  I want to sail on a boat or at least ride in one!
My companion and I started a 40 day challenge thing. We read a talk about being purified or something like that and it talks about a missionary who struggled feeling the spirit. He talked to a speaker after a meeting and the man told him about this 40 day challenge. You write everything down that pokes at your spirit. That makes you think of other things besides the work. You pray about it and fast from it for 40 days. It gets you to be focused and into the work. I am enjoying it. It is really hard but it is helping out a lot and I am seeming to improve spiritually.
Time is going by too fast- This week is my year mark since I received my mission call to Panama.  I was like whoa..that went by way too fast. Got to make it count until the end!
Well I hope you guys are all doing great. Keep up the good work. love you and miss you alot..but not enough to come home!

Hermana Channing Jackson

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