Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week Six: Adventure in the City

Well, today I set out on my adventure of the City.

Guatemala City is soooo awesome. Its big, old looking, historical, and beautiful. You guys would love it. So much culture and beauty. Its so weird I see all this stuff and I know that I will most likely never see it again in my life. Kinda weird but its true. I went to this place called the Mapa en Relieve which was really cool, I am pretty much in Book of Mormon places. Maybe.... who really knows, but our guide says we are.

Then I went to Mercado Central which is this market. It is a huge market full of all kinds of neat and amazing things. I was in awe. People sure try to  get you to buy stuff but I can put on the non-missionary like face of mine and they back off pretty quick. There was a guy who was hitting on my companion and I was not having it. He wanted her email and she said she can only email her family. She was being ridiculous and kept talking to him. I said, "Lie to the little creep and lets get out of here." But he demanded an address from her so I gave him and said he will find missionaries on there to look into. Bawhahahaha. I swear some of these men are creepers. I bought a soccer jersey and a little tortuga thing because I want something to remember about Guatemala and plus I still have a ton of room. It was so much fun to converse in espanol and such. I sure enjoyed it. I love Quitzales here. Money is interesting.

After the market we went to Museo Miraflores. Which is a BC history museum. A lot of artifacts and such it was pretty legit. It was sooo cool until I ran into the snakes. So I booked it out there and went into hysterics of course. I did not see them coming.  The museum also had a mall next to it. Which is probably the biggest mall I have ever been in my entire life. It was huge! O my heavens it was amazing.

Blake, I want to see these pictures of yours. I know you will win and do great. Also happy Birthday you old fart. GOOD DAY!

I can't believe that in three weeks I will be out in Panama! I seriously can't wait. I am so excited. I hope my Spanish gets better. But who really knows. I met some Panamanians here and they are so beautiful. I was like blown away with how beautiful they are. They said it rains everyday and I will eat a ton of rice and chicken. Which I am totally fine with. I even got a referral from one of them. He told me to get his family baptized. So I will try to help with that.
I went to the Temple here in Guatemala. It is sooo sooo small and of course in Espanol which was quite cool. I am starting to see how important the Temple really is in our lives.
Every Sunday night we watch movies from the church. I watched Legacy the other day and bawled. I felt like an idiot but I have been thinking a lot about my ancestors and future generations a lot lately. It's weird how you can have so much love for people you haven't met in this life. We also talked about family history in relief society and I was all over that! I hope I have the opportunity to help families with family history someday. I really hope so.

I hope my letters are getting to people. Mail service is really iffy here. So if no one gets a letter I am sorry, but know that I am thinking about you.

My poor companion is sick with all kinds of things. I think it is the food. Our stomachs are no bueno that is for sure. But, hey, I will get use to it.

It has been raining like crazy here. I have never seen so much water in my life come from the sky. With in one minute you are completely soaked. It is sooo awesome I love it!  We go to teach all the time and we get caught in a rain storm. I love it!

Well I hope all is well. 

I miss you but not enough to come home! 

Love you take Care!

-Hermana Channing Jackson

Hermana and Elder Jackson:  MTC Provo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week Five: The Streets of Guatemala

Hello there!

It is so good to hear from you guys and Brett. His email really got to me and I printed it out highlighted his last paragraph and shared it with everyone. He really has made an impact on some missionaries lives, mine included.

Well, I am finally on the mend. I have been eating only bland foods and I am starving. I've lost a bit of weight though, which is always good.

At the CCM every Saturday we do service in neighborhoods near the temple and other places. I really enjoy it because I get to leave these gates, wear pants, and work hard. Some missionaries here have never picked up a rake, trash bag or broom in their life and I've had a thing or two to say about that. There was this elder next to me standing with a trash bag looking out into space and  I was raking all these leaves. I told him "Don't stand there with your teeth in your mouth! There is trash right where I am raking -- you have hands, pick it up!" He jumped. I probably could of said it nicer but some people just need a good barking at. The crew boss in me came out.

Yesterday, I got out of the city and did a run at tracting with my other companion. They give us Latina companions. Mine is from the Dominican Republic where Grandma and Grandpa Bagwell served. Her named is Hermana Jimenez. And she is a go-getter! I cant understand a thing she says but it is all good. We went to the city in a pretty poor part of down. I was in awe. Such a different life, but I love it. There are guards with guns everywhere here. It is kind of interesting. There are gates and fences, bars, and dogs on top of roofs. It is such a different world. The Guatemalans can be soo soo nice, but you do run into the mean ones. Like the guards are terrifying. I haven't really gone through a huge culture shock, but I am sure it will kick in sometime.

Anyway, so we contacted a few people. Mostly when they saw me I heard the following words "Bonita, Rubia, Alta", etc... I was like, "Well, hola to you too!" That is basically all I said. "Hola, para usted, Si, soy de Colorado, voy a Panama, and Much Gusto..", but I felt so good when we were talking to these people. We met a man who owned this shop full of Coke! I was soooo happy. He was so nice he said I was really tall. He was a really good guy. We gave him some pamphlets and the missionaries are going to visit him sometime next week. I loved that little guy. It was such a great first time experience.

Oh, the Dear Elders do work here as well but take like a week or so to get here. But they told us that during our last few weeks to not send them because I probably wont get them. 
I am dying to know where Ashley is going to go. I am so excited for her! I hope she gets called to Panama. Cross your fingers!

I was wondering how my blogs are doing? I know I have book reviews coming every month and I wondered how my followers are doing. I hope you put up every bit of detail about my letters on my blog. This stuff is all kinds of classy! (Editors Note: Some of it is a bit too "classy" for the public.) Oh, and if there is anyway I can get those new pictures of our family I would be happy to have one.

Well, I don't have much to say this week besides Happy Almost-birthday to Blake on August 31st! Whoop Whoop. Slap his butt for me!   Also, next Tuesday I will be writing because it will be my field trip shopping day. I am wicked excited! I will try to sends some pictures soon.
Well, The work is great, Spanish is coming along, and I am loving the gospel more and more each day. I love you guys and I hope everyone is doing well.

I miss you. But not enough to come home!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arrival in Guatemala

Hola Everyone!

So, I am in Guatemala safe and sound! And it is exactly how I pictured
it. It is amazing here! The smells, the people, everything is amazing.
The flights went  really well.  The last bit of American land I saw
was Florida. I took a picture and I said see ya later United Sates!

I am typing on a Spanish key board so I can't find certain punctuation
marks so excuse the lack of grammar. Also I can't find the spell check
on this thing so excuse the misspelled words as well.

Here in Guatemala, it is winter, so in other words, a whole lot of rain!
I totally love it! Beautiful city! The buildings and everything here
are so old looking and worn out I really like it.

The MTC or CCM here is really laid back. Like you can take a nap if
you feel the need too and eat as much ice cream or Heldado as you
want. Its so small. 110 people total. Crazy huh? There are two brick
buildings. One is the main MTC and the other is Temple Patron housing
( where I am staying) for people who come to the temple which is a
block away from the MTC. I am actually looking at it right now as we
speak. It looks like the Boise Temple. My room is really nice.

Here at the MTC it is exactly like a missionary schedule. Get up, gym,
breakfast, personal study, comp study, lunch....etc... We also get to
do alot of stuff outside the MTC. Every Saturday we get to do service
in the community. How awesome huh? I cant wait to get out and about.
There is also a local market we go too. Oh and in three weeks I get to
go on a field trip to the city. Malls and historical places. I am so

I have really gotten a piece of humble pie while I am here. There is a
Latino in out room who doesn't speak English. the only thing she knows
is "Whats up fool!" she is sassy. She saw all our luggage and said wow
you brought a lot of stuff. The whole time I have been thinking I
didn1 bring enough. She only has one pair of shoes and a couple pairs
of clothes. I was like, "wow, I really do come from a different world."

There is also this man named Roberto Cacas who doesn't speak that much
English but he is learning. I didn't realize how hard it is for them to
learn English. We are the same because its hard for me to learn

The food here is actually really good but if you don't eat it all they
will be offended. So I am learning to say just a little bit of food.
They give you a lot of starchy foods. I feel food babies coming on!

I have come up with a motto for myself for the next year and a half
and beyond and I decided to share it with you. Here it is: "I am here
to make things better. Why will it be better? Because I was there!"

I totally love that. I hope that the lives of the people in Panama
will be better because I was there, representing our savior Jesus
Christ and inviting them to come to Christ.

Lets hope that I can live up to my motto.

Well I just wanted to let you guys know that I am here safe and that I
am going to work my hardest to learn the language so I can be able to
teach the gospel of Christ to the people of Panama in their own

I miss you guys, but not enough to come home! Love you!

- Hermana Channing Jackson

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week Three: Ready to Leave

The MTC is great! I love it here. I am learning so much and I have made so many great friends! I am loving it! I really don't want to leave this place next Tuesday. I really, really, really don't want to leave. I am heartbroken. I have become so close with so many people and I don't know if I will ever see them again. Its so sad! I love them all.

So I am going to call you guys this Tuesday later in the day. So be ready to speak to yours truly! I have a ton of things to say and not enough time to say it in.

So this random Elder Jackson has been getting all my letters. I was so mad at everyone. I was like, "Brett! Why does the family like you and not me!?" I told Brett to yell at you guys but now I feel bad. The guy read them! Ahhhhh! I was like. "Ummm.. its ok." So hopefully when I get to Guatemala all will be well.

I got a Hepatitis A shot yesterday and it hurt! My arm is still sore! I had a charlie horse last night and I started punching it like crazy. So now my leg is sore. Oh well!

So I am going to be in a church film! It is going to be for the youth. They filmed us singing "Called to Serve"! I was right behind the main man who they were filming so be on the look out for a new church video for the youth.

I want to announce to everyone that I am by far the best groomed woman here! I fix my hair, my face, and I wash myself! I  should get a freaking award for such achievements! Hehehe! My companions and other girls walk around and look like they rolled out of bed. It's horrible! We are Representatives of the Lord, people! Ha Ha! I really can't believe it.

I get up at 5:30 everyday because I am weird like that. I can't really sleep so I just get up and start my day. I am not at all tired either. I think it is just this place. I wish everyone would come here and have the time of thier lives like I am having.

The MTC is diffantly an emotional roller coaster! Like one minute  I am crying with an investigator and then next thing you know I am laughing the hardest I've every laughed. It is crazy.

Oh! A missionary moment. I swear I don't know how I do it but I do. My companions say I have a gift of telling people exactly what they need to hear. So we were teaching in Spanish like we usually do. I am struggling and my companions are speaking alot. Then all of a sudden the Spirit is like "Channing, say this. But now I am so use to it I'm like "ok, I will totally say this." I just said that the Book of Mormon is true. And all of a sudden everyone is hit and we sit there shocked because the spirit is so strong! It is soooo cool! I may not speak the Spanish well but I can say things from my heart and they will know how strongly I feel about it.
I have seen Matthew Peterson! It was sooo good to see him. 

I am sad that Brett left but it is a good thing and I hope all will be well.  

Oh and I have lost weight! My face is getting skinner! After a couple rounds of bad experiences with the food I realized what is good and what is not.  No chicken for me! EEEEE HOOOOO LAYYYYYY!!!!!

Alright, do I have a story for you. This is random but I freaked the freak out when my companion told me this...So the other morning my companion said she woke up in the middle of the night and saw an figure in white standing over my bed. She said she felt a presence in the room. I was freaked out! I could not sleep. Ok, even if that did happen you just don't tell people! She told me it was a guardian angel... GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I was freaked out. She didn't understand why I was, but people don't understand me. Those sort of stories scare me. WEIRDDDDDD!!!

Spanish is getting a little bit better. The whole class is doing really well and I am not at their level. The teachers and I are struggling with finding a way to learn the language in a way that I can understand it better. Because the audio learning is not working as much as I would like too. I can't understand what the teachers and investigators are saying. Hopefully it will get better. I am trying really hard. It's pretty stressful but I know it will come and I just have to accept that I don't learn as fast as everyone.

Anyway I miss you guys, but not enough to come home! 

Hope all is well!  Love you!

Hermana Channing Jackson