Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Te des por Vencido‏


Wow what is happening in the world? Blake is rolling into the famous side, my cousin Josh was married, floods in Thailand, Nicole changed her date (dreamt it), Taylor is reading my beloved beautiful books, Brett has finally taken a shower..... goodness! It's all kinds of crazy eh?

So I am indeed alive. Thanks to meds, prayer, and faith. I told the Lord that if he would see mr through my illnesses without therapy, illegal drugs, or jumping into the Canal that I would not curse his name when I am giving birth to my children. Also to prove that he loves me if he would allow my future children to come out like butter. Thank you and praises be.

Leydi was baptized! Our investigator we've been teaching was baptized last Saturday. It was awesome and I truly felt the power of conversion. She says she wants to come live in "my house". That's her new favorite English saying. "My house". She said she would marry an American if they weren't so skinny. She cracks me up. I am sending a picture of her.

This week has been really hard. You cannot even imagine how hard I've prayed for revelation, for comfort, for alot of things. One day this week I felt like I really needed to read some of Bretts letters I printed out in the CCM, and for some odd reason one of his letters was an answer to my prayer. I am so grateful for The Lord, for revelation, family, and friends.

I got letters from Blake and Ashely today and it made me really happy to hear about them. And Blakes line, "Suck it up princess, you don't want to be like those sister missionaries everyone talks about", truly inspired me. Also the poem Don't you Quit ( hence the title of my email) by Ralph Acosta truly inspired me. There is a line I love and I will share it with you. "Stick to the Fight when you're hardest hit, It's when things seem worse that you must not Quit." Mmmmhhhmmm.

There has also been troubles with the work. Our investigator changed her baptism date again and a family is really struggling. It is sad, but we've got to stick with them.

But on the good side, my main woman, Hermana Rafiaela came to church. We have been checking up on her a lot. She is a menos Activo and a barking Ole lady and I love her. She says she loves to hear me speak spanish. Pffff... O Spanish how I don't know you well. It will come. Practicar, estudiar, escuchar, etc....

So during the course of my week I was inspired with an analogy that popped into my head and has grown and grown and I want to share it with you all... And it is a video game analogy. (Of course...:) ) SO Enjoy!

My Video Game Analogy
And how it relates to Missionary Work
By Hermana Channing Jackson

Missionary work is alot like the video game HALO or Call of Duty, but this time we are not killing aliens or evil people. This time we are saving people and securing areas.

I have been given a call (a missionary call), to leave my home country or home planet (Bountiful,Colorado, U.S.A) to help the defenseless and save the people.
(By bringing souls unto Christ)

I am assigend to different areas (Santiago, etc...) where there are people in need of help.
In my training back at Base Camp( CCM/MTC) I was given tools and training to help me fulfill my call/assignment.

Instead of having my usual Alien Hammer, grenades, and a shotgun, I have been given scriptures, Preach my Gospel, and more. My trainers taught me how to hit direct targets and what to do in Situations. (Teaching and Contacting)

For Transportation, instead of my usual alien glider, jeep and tank, I have my walking legs, taxis and a bus.
I have a person on Radio 24/7 who gives me suggestions and directions. (The Spirit)

I have been given a Team (Members, a Companion) who help me secure the area and make it better and stronger.
My team and I are sent to find those (Investigators) who are in need of saving and provide them with the means (Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel) and a way to reach a safe-haven (Church/The Kingdom of God)

We sometimes run across old members (less actives) who once worked with Base and we ask them to join up, remember their past ( Their covenants) and return to Base. (Church)

I have check points (Appointments) throughout the level. (Day)
At the end of each level (Day) I recieve my score (Progressions, contacts, etc..) Then I see how I did and what I can improve on.

After I have secured my part of the Area or beat the level, I report back to Base Leaders. (District, Zone, President.)

Sometimes we don't beat the level, sometimes our scores are low, sometimes we could't save the people in time, or convice old members to return. But we can't ever leave the game, because we keep losing and sometimes think well I will try again later. No. We have to keep trying.

Sometimes I lose, get frustrated, and feel like it is game over. But its not, it can't ever be game over.

I have a call of duty, a mission to fulfill. I need to save the people, beat the enemy (The adversary), secure the area, save the country or planet, and most of all...
I need to win the Game.

And when it comes and I have finished the Game, I will return to my home country or planet, knowing that through all the trials, losses, mistakes, and wins, that I did my best and fought my hardest.

The End
Keep the Faith people, Work hard, and do your best.

Well I love you guys and hope things are going great with you. I miss you, but not enough to come home!

Hermana Channing Jackson

Monday, October 17, 2011


I am so jealous that all these people are getting called to England! Lucky! But the Lord didn't put me there because he knew I would worship Idols like Jane Austen and such.

Cambria way to serve it up! Is basketball in your future or being a part of the band?

I hope Papa Dad and Rhonda have a good trip and that Papa is doing ok.

Ok so what is the news on Nicole? Is she getting married or what? I had a dream that she told me she is changing her wedding Date to December 4th or something weird like that.

I have Deja Vu alot here. When I was little I use to dream about this certain park I had never seen before all the time, well the other day I saw it. I was like whooooaaaa I must be dreaming, no it was straight up real. They said I fit in here because I have future dreams all the time I think it is just my imagination and my mental and emotional illnesses that are bringing my childhood fantasies to the surface.

Brett it sounds like you stink and you need to take a bath. Just kidding, but in all seriousness, go run out in the rain in your G's. I am so happy I am not next to squealing pigs. I would die and think I've gone to the depths of Davy Jones Locker straight to the torture chambers.

I had to see the doctor this week for my stomach. So the Doctor "believes" it is Parasites. And they have put me on anti-parasitic drugs. "Flagyl and Inhibitron." I am regretting my wish for Parasites because I haven't lost any weight and I feel like crap. Soooo hopefully this week will get better

But through all this I have kept my spirits high and I am as happy as a worm stuck on a hook. lol

So yeah just fillling you in on another adventure, We will see what happens the next week eh?!

Miss you guys but not enough to come home, unless they drag my sickly corpse over there. Haha Love yah!

Hermana Channing Jackson

Monday, October 10, 2011

A person mumbles something in Spanish..I say SI.....then my eyes widen and my HEAD screams OOOHHHH NOOOO!!‏

Well greetings everyone.

I am alive and still kicking I guess. Mother I am trying to stay healthy in a disease infested place, but it has been quite difficult especially because of the food, dirty streets, etc......... And there is noooo way in heck I am calling the Elders if I got anything going on in the GREAT Down Under if you catch my drift.

Anywho I will get down to the nitty gritty. This week was interesting. Found some new investigators, visited alot of less actives, and walked like you would not believe. Me and my companion are walkers and we walk everywhere. And our areas are pretty far from where we live but it is all good. I love walking and it keeps my waddle butt moving. I hate taking those blasted buses, which reminds me of a story.

So we were heading to our district meeting in Chitre on Tuesday and the bus was jam packed as usual and I sat down by this man. Well as we were driving, I noticed he opened his window randomly and then I smelt it. This most gastly smell imaginable. I started dry heaving. It seriously smelt like the man crapped his pants. And it kept happening. All these smells floated right into my nose. And this bus ride is 2 hours. I was soooo grossed out and I told him in English under my breath to plug his butt.

Ok so the Food in Panama is Citris-y, greasy, oily, fried, and everything that is bad for a Gastritis Stomach. I am sending some pictures. One is Pantones which are deep fried Bananas that I love. They taste like french fries, and then Sugar Cane and Guava, and Lemons! It has been hard to deal with because food here is sooo expensive. Raman noodles are 40 cents per thing. I was ticked! Granola bars are soo expensive and all manner of healthy food is up the wazzzzoooo. Sighhh....

So last Friday we went to a member's house which is 45 minutes away. And she is a nice old lady with a charming house. Well she cooks really good food and this was the first time I ever met her. So she hands me a plate of rice fried fish and some salady thingy and a bowl of beans. I was like whewww here we goo... So I ate and ate and I was yes I am doing great and then I finished and sighed with satisfation....then.... she asked me something in Spanish, and me not understanding right said Si....and then she swoops down and gave me more food double the fried fish and double the rice. I was oooooooo heaven help me.

I was shoving the food down and trying my hardest not to puke. Everything tasted and felt like a brick. I was like I am going to die I am going to die. My stomach is going to explode. My friend in my District, Elder Arbon, told me when I get to a point where I can't eat anymore to put my mind somewhere else and not think about the food. So I watched Hey Arnold Episodes and got the food down. I was like I am going to barf afterwards. But I did not. I swallowed some Pepto and walked it off and had a go at the toilet. But all is well.

Blake, Yes you, Where have you been! I have heard nothing about Idaho, about your blogs, your job, your roommates, nada! What is happening over there!!! Oh I had a dream, a very detailed dream and we will accomplish it when I get back. I am going to film an I'm a mormon Video in Black and White. It was sooo cool and vivid in my dream. So yeah we are going to do it! Oh here is a burns me up moment. ....You know what burrrrnnnnnsss me up....when you finished going to the bathroom and you realize your skirt was in the toliet the whole time. lol
Mother is there a way you and Dad can send some Nexium to me. It's the medicine that I take when my Gastritis gets bad and it works wonders. It is ridiculously expensive here and Guatamalas is way cheaper. Hermana Robinson is going to the States next week so if you want to send me anything that you think I need send it to this Address plus it will be cheaper than sending it to Panama.

Kola Robinson
8860 AIDER Rd
Pasco, WA 99301

So our investigator is getting baptized this week and I am soooo Excited! It is going to be awesome. I love her and she said she wants to come live with me in the States. But she doesnt want to marry a gringo because they are tooo skinny. lol. I will send a picture of her sometime. Her sister is getting baptized next week if she comes to church this week.
The Church members are soooo dramatic. I swear..there was an uproar in Relief Society this Sunday. Arguments and such. It was like a Spanish Soap Opera (People really do act like that). They get offended and say I am not attending church anymore. I am about to print off some David A. Bednar and shove it in their faces and say suck it up... It is crazy.

But anywho..All I want for Christmas is Blake's Old white Ipod full of classical music, Joseph Smith Tribute, Alex Boye, Children of Eden, August Rush, Pride and Prejudice, Instrumental music, Amazing Grace, Bagpipes, and my Speakers in my room. And the charger to the Ipod! NAture Valley Bars the Oats kind. Thats All I want. And abosulely no Mormon Tab... I can't understand a word they are saying it is all random noise to me.

Well I love you guys keep it real! I miss you but not enough to come home.


Hermana Channing Jackson

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 10 - Tengo Gozo en mi Alma HOY! Porque Yo tengo Salud!‏


Well I am pretty sure Satan wants me to die on my mission. So last week was a horrible rainy week and my feet were hurting like mad. I had a blister on one of my feet and it popped during the storm we were walking in. Well, little did I know what that blister that popped, would do to my foot. On Wednesday my foot was soo red and swollen that I could not fit it in my shoes. I was like what is happening. I am in pain here!

I went to Hermana Robinson and she was like what is wrong with your foot! That's what I want to know. Well there is a doctor next door and he came and checked out my foot. He said I have an infection. I was like what!! So he gave me meds. He also gave me some cream that happened to cause a reaction that only 1.5% of people get. My foot felt like it was on fire and it was stinging! So yeah I was out for a couple of days. I was in my sick state when the President visited, so if you see some blog pictures where I look like death, know it was because of the meds.

Conference was good. I watched it in English at the Robinson's. President Monson was chipper. I couldn't even recoginize Robert D. Hales. Is he sick or what? Poor man...Two in the Chair now. Next thing you know we will have conference in the hospital. Geeezz.....

Oh and what, the 2nd Provo Temple!!! That is cool. I was truly inspired by David A. Bednars talk! The new youth family history site is legit! Look into it and do family history people! We've got people who are waiting on the other side. I've been trying to get the memebers here to do it. They are first generation members and their family history work needs to be done.

Brett! Panimanian Hats are legit! They are everywhere I was like ooooo snap I want one. I went to a world cup or something along those lines baseball game today. It was Cuba and Dominican Republic, it was pretty sweet. U.S.A was here the other day.

Well nothing much is happening because of my illness and my poor companion lost a memeber of her family this week, so that was sad. And she is super sick too. Who knows what is happening. The Devil I tell you.

Mom! I cannot believe you bought a card reader. I feel bad because just today I bought an all in one card reader for 5 bucks! Sooooo I don't know what to do about that.

For Christmas I have no idea what I want. Probably a portable hot shower. Because the rules of the package is that there can't be more than three items of food. Unless you wrap it like a christmas present. lol. You can decide.

Blake. Keep it classy.

Cambria way to be a part of the band!

Anywho nothing really happened this week! Love yah! Talk to you later! I miss you all but not enough to come home!

Hermana Channing Jackson